2013 "Best Before and After"

Biltmore Lift Facelift

"He did everything that he told me he would do and the results were exceptional!!! I was well pleased."

"A huge thank you for fixing my face, especially my eyes... It was so wonderfully subtle"

"Dr. Harley is the most caring and compassionate doctor I've encountered."

"From every standpoint I would highly recommend Dr. David Harley."

"Dr. Harley’s one-on-one, hands on approach, and willingness to spend extended time, made me feel that we were really working together."

"If I were to have further cosmetic procedures, another surgeon would not even be a consideration."

"Dr. Harley is exactly the kind of physician everyone wants."

"(Dr. Harley) made me feel comfortable and excited about the procedure. I think I slept through most of it."

"Dr. Harley was highly recommended to me as being one of the most qualified surgeons who could perform a Mini-Lift."

"I felt like Dr. Harley was more of a friend to me than a doctor. He is so friendly, caring, and ‘down-to-earth.’ I felt completely comfortable with him."

"(Dr. Harley and his staff) will always have a special place in my heart!"

"Dr. Harley was very professional and has an enjoying and reassuring manner that puts one at ease. He made the experience positive and really takes the apprehension out."

"Besides being an excellent surgeon, he is a wonderful human being."

"Friendly and interested in his patients. He is not only my doctor, he is now my friend."

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Dr. Harley's Patient Named "Best Before and After" of the Year, 2013

In the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of New Beauty magazine, Dr. David Harley received the honor of having been awarded the Best Before and After facelift and necklift. This patient had undergone a short-incision lateral SMASectomy facelift, with necklift using platysmaplasty. This result and others by Dr. Harley have been noticed across the country and around the world as some of the most effective and natural outcomes available.

Dr. Harley Best Before and After - Click here to view an enlarged PDF

Dr. Harley is a Beauty Expert featured in New Beauty magazine and has been featured there since 2010. New Beauty is known as the world's most unique beauty magazine, with a distribution of 500,000 copies per issue. The magazine offers cutting edge beauty advice about cosmetic enhancements, both surgical and nonsurgical.

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Dr. Harley a Featured Physician in New Beauty Magazine